Deciding What to Paint

I love looking at artists’ websites and seeing what subjects they choose to paint.  It might be flowers, landscapes, pets, children, friends, cars or even favorite restaurants.  But it is usually something that is meaningful to them and worth capturing on paper.

When you choose a subject for your painting, it needs to be something that will hold your attention through the process and that will keep you motivated to work through the “ugly stage.”

My favorite subjects are animals and people so I spend a lot of time at the zoo and at nearby parks looking for ideas for painting.  A few weeks ago I was taking some pictures at our local zoo and saw three children holding hands and walking down the hillside toward the giraffe exhibit.  They were so cute and I snapped a quick photo before they disappeared.  It turned out to be the best shot of the day.  I was looking for a good composition for a small painting to enter in a show and they kept me entertained.


Sometimes we think we have to look for some exotic location or unusual subject for our paintings, but often the best compositions are right in front of us…literally!

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