Remembering Willie

A few weeks ago a good friend emailed me to let me know her beautiful Doberman named Willie had died of heart failure.  He had a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy and his parents and brothers had already been taken by the inherited disease.

Willie was such a dear.  He loved to chase bubbles and play with his companion, Annie.  Losing a pet is such a heart-wrenching experience and I wanted to do something for my friend, so I painted this watercolor of Willie.  It shows his fun-loving nature as well as his serious side.

Remembering Willie

Remembering Willie

One of the greatest joys of being an artist is opportunity to capture a memory on paper.  And one of the reasons I work diligently to improve my skills is to be able to give the best interpretation possible.

When you paint, find something that you feel passionate about, but also look for subjects that can touch others and show them that you value what they value.  It could be a favorite cafe, a beautiful bouquet or a cherished pet.  This shared bond is what connects the art and the viewer and it gives your paintings a guaranteed place of honor in their lives.

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