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Sunrise, Sunset – Combining Subjects in Photoshop and Corel Painter

I wanted to give my father-in-law a canvas print for his birthday and chose a photo of my granddaughter playing her violin with him in his living room.  But the lighting wasn’t great (the original was very dark) and the background … Continue reading

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Corel Painter and Digital Art – A Whole New World of Painting for the Disabled

For those of you who are disabled, you know how discouraging it can be to get your paint out, set up your canvas and then feel too tired to actually paint.  Some days it’s hard for me to sit at … Continue reading

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Revisiting Acrylics – Hope for the Chemically Sensitive?

Over the past four years I have sampled many brands of acrylics and had reactions ranging from mild (dizziness) to severe (throat closing off).  I knew oils were not an option, so I pretty much gave up on having an … Continue reading

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Catching Up!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted.  Shortly after I wrote the previous post, I was hospitalized and had a severe reaction to a medication which resulted in heart failure.  It took months to recover and I had so little energy … Continue reading

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Remembering Willie

A few weeks ago a good friend emailed me to let me know her beautiful Doberman named Willie had died of heart failure.  He had a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy and his parents and brothers had already been taken by … Continue reading

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Deciding What to Paint

I love looking at artists’ websites and seeing what subjects they choose to paint.  It might be flowers, landscapes, pets, children, friends, cars or even favorite restaurants.  But it is usually something that is meaningful to them and worth capturing … Continue reading

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Watercolor Paints

This is a topic that I could write pages about, but I’ll try to keep this a quick introduction.  There are basically two types of watercolor paints, pan (dry), and tube (wet).  There are even liquid watercolors if you prefer … Continue reading

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