Titcomb Basin, Wyoming

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  1. Ian Jay says:

    Hi Jan, thank you for the comments and advice on Wet Canvas regarding my drawing of the Venetian lady. I was touched by your story here. I practice Tai Chi twice a week and have done so for about five years now. I mention it because during that time i have seen a number of people attend class with a variety of health problems and all appear to have experienced improvements. Myself included.

    • Thanks for your comment! I do a form of Tai-Chi called Y-Dan which is a gentle routine and especially good for people with fibromyalgia or chronic pain. This is an explanation:

      “Y-Dan is an ancient exercise dating back over 2000 years. Initially, it was practiced only by the Chinese imperial families and remained quite secret. Eventually, it was lost and remained so for centuries until 1978. It was at this time that it was rediscovered and practiced again in Taiwan. In a very short time, its popularity became so widespread that due to the limited number of qualified instructors, only people over the age of 40 were allowed to learn.”

      I enjoy your art (I especially like your portrait of Lara) and hope you’ll continue to share on Wet Canvas!

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